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Resources: It Takes a Village

Here at Daisy Pediatrics we know how hard it can be to find reputable resources to help raise healthy, strong and well children.  So this page is all about where you can go to online and locally to find helpful information about child health, wellness and development.

Comprehensive Info

Healthy Children is a site run by the American Academy of Pediatrics and pretty much contains anything you could possibly want to know about your child. What is a 5 year olds nutritional requirements? How to quell temper tantrums? This site has your answers. 

So you just brought your new baby home and everything seems so scary and new.  Your baby is crying so much something must be wrong, right?

Colicky Baby? 

Babies can be hard to figure out and can seem so fragile that we often don't know what to do.  The following websites are a wonderful source of knowledge.  The period of purple crying defines normal crying in babies and their causes as well as ways to soothe. Dr Harvey Karp helped to define the 4th trimester and the 5 Ss to soothe your baby called the Happiest Baby on the Block. There are plenty of youtube videos of new fathers expertly calming crying newborns with his method. 


As a pediatrician and a mother I will always recommend all vaccinations at the routine schedule.  The state of California has very stringent guidelines for any medical exemptions. Therefore these will only be filled out with verifiable conditions that preclude vaccinations.  However, I will work to with your family to help set up a immunization schedule and to discuss any and all concerns. Please see the following website for additional reputable information. 

Mindfulness, goal setting and stress reduction

This recent pandemic has really illustrated the need for children to have the essential tools for stress reduction and resiliency.  The below website Headspace has tools for meditation and mindfulness and is free for residents of Los Angeles County. It is also available on Netflix. 

Antibiotics: When do you need them? Virus vs Bacteria? Side Effects?

Often as parents when our children get sick we just want them to feel better whatever it takes.  We want to make sure they are safe and feel healthy. This is often why we jump to antibiotics since it is well known that antibiotics cure bacterial diseases. However, viral illness in children are much more common and usually do not resolve with antibiotics.  Antibiotics in general are not without side effects and often can have serious consequences. The below resources can help determine when your child may need antibiotics, worrisome symptoms, side effects and home remedies. 

Common Viral Illnesses 

Bronchitis,  Common Cold (runny nose/cough) Pharyngitis (Sore Throat) Fever 

Common Bacterial Illnesses

Acute Otitis Media (Ear Infection) Pneumonia (Lung Infection) Strep Throat  Urinary Tract Infection 

How Can You Tell The Difference?

Thankfully most children are healthy at a baseline so with mild symptoms you can try home remedies and see if they improve. Most Viral Illnesses last 5-7 days with the worst symptoms on days 3-5. For infants younger than 2 months an evaluation with a doctor is required.  Severe ear pain, difficulty breathing, decreased urination or foul odor to urine, uncontrollable vomiting, unable to tolerate fluids, lethargy, prolonged fever (>100.4 for >5 days) all need to be evaluated urgently.


Sports are a big part of many children's lives.  How do we keep them safe and playing for years to come.

Athletics are helpful in so many ways to our young children, however, it is easy to let competitiveness result in injuries. The below resources talk about the importance of gait mechanics and gait training in sports.  Helpful physical therapy routines for common injuries. Return to play guidelines especially when dealing with concussions. Proper safety gear for sports.  Also age appropriateness of certain skills needed in dance, gymnastics and other sports.