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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Daisy Pediatrics and Dr. Casas as a Pediatrician in Santa Clarita, CA

What are the benefits of a membership?

It allows me to cover necessary monthly costs without having to have a large patient population.  This allows more personalized and attentive care as well with the highest degree of flexibility.  So you get appointments when you need them and as many as you need. Memberships are paid monthly on a month to month basis.  So you can cancel at any time.  We first do a free meet and greet to explain the practice and benefits then set up a full physical with complete health history. 

Do you offer one-time visits and procedures?

At this time we do offer one-time cash based visits to allow you to get to know us and our level of care.  We hope that after one visit you will be so satisfied that you will want to join as a member.  Once our patient population gets larger we won't continue to offer this service as we will need the ability to be available to our members whenever they need us. 

Why don't you take insurance?

I find that insurance is more harmful to the patient and doctor-patient relationship.  Insurance companies who only care about the bottom line are dictating the treatments, therapies and medications you can access.  It takes away patient autonomy to make the best choices for their health under the guidance of their doctor. They drive up the cost of healthcare by obscuring the true cost of visits, procedures, therapies and medications. They place a high administrative burden on medical clinics resulting in higher costs as well. 

What happens if the Doctor is out of town or we are out of town?

Dr. Casas will always be available for Telehealth visits, phone calls, texts and emails and will likely be able to answer all concerns this way. Including calling in perscriptions. However, be aware of the mode of communication, especially if time is a big factor.  For instance if you need to be answered within the next hour a phone call or text is the better option as emails may not be seen as readily. If necessary to have an in-person exam/evaluation on a non-emergency basis Dr. Casas will arrange for another physician to be available during these times. Any emergency should be seen in the Emergency room of your local hospital.

Want to Learn More About Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a growing movement of health care professionals that are trying to bring affordable, comprehensive and accessible care to all of their patients.  By increasing the number of these clinics we are hopefully creating enough of an alternate health care model to bring better care for everyone. 

Key Features

  • Monthly membership 
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Appointments when you need them
  • Comprehensive care in one place
  • Does not bill insurance, but works with patients to find lower health care costs.