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Classes Offered by Dr. Casas 

Newborn Classes

First time parent or just need a refresher?  This course will go over all newborn basics.  Swaddling, sleep, feeding, and trouble-shooting common concerns. 

Teen Wellness Course

Being an adolescent is a very difficult transition, no longer a child, but not quite an adult.  This course helps pre-teens to teens (12-18) to navigate the difficult adult world and achieve balance and wellness.  This is meant for adolescents with anxiety, stress, time-management difficulties, fatigue, and sleep issues. This course includes personalized goal setting, schedules, and nutrition profiles. 

6 weeks



45 min

Support Group


Teddy Bear Clinic Classes

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Teddy Bear Clinic Classes

This class is geared for children 2 years through 9-10 years old it goes over the details of doctor visits and they can practice on their favorite stuffy. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety around doctor visits.

Virtual Class

See the YouTube video here if you would like to try these at home. An actual working stethoscope can be purchased at any CVS, Walmart, Walgreens at around $10-15.


Here at Daisy Pediatrics we offer in-person classes that come with Teddy Bears, stethoscopes, medication syringes and band-aids. On completion of the course we give a graduation certificate stating the child is now a Teddy Bear/Stuffy Doctor. Classes are usually small about 4 children per class. Call or email for more information. 

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Interested in a class send us an email here and well will get back to you with all the details.