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Membership Pricing

Affordable, inclusive, and month to month contracts. No penalties. For a limited time no enrollment fees!

Membership Details

All plans include a once a year home visit and unlimited telehealth visits. Almost all services can be added-on as needed. Of note, we recommend all patients have health insurance (and/or possibly a Health Savings Account) to cover any hospitalizations or services that we cannot provide, like hospitalizations. Many HSAs will reimburse for the cost of your membership as well. Chronic medical needs patients may qualify for Medi-Cal/MediCare for things such as medications and therapies; unfortunately, Medi-Cal/MediCare will not cover our physician services. We can refer for other services and prescribe medications as long as your insurance type is not an HMO. Please click the arrows or icons below for more details.

Newborn to Toddler

Elementary to College


Newborn to Toddler

Basic all inclusive care for children 0-4 years.

Ages 0-4 years


Regular well visits/ physical exams- including administration of all immunizations (forms for reimbursement of the cost of vaccine given)

Screening labs/vision/hearing

Newborn Circumcisions (up to 1 month of age)

Telehealth & Urgent Care issues

Lactation Support/breast feeding

Common procedures- sutures, wart removals, injections of medications, nebulizer meds, EKGs, PFTs

All forms for school/work/sports/ government

Telehealth subspecialists


Thank you for considering us at Daisy Pediatrics.  We look forward to taking good care of your children. If you would like to register please click the link below and fill out our online enrollment. Dr. Casas will be with you shortly to schedule your first appointment.  If you would like to set-up a free meeting with Dr. Casas please click the white button below or call our offices.  


For a Limited Time these services are available without a membership. Please call to set up one of these appointments. Appointments are available often same or next day, including weekends. 

Urgent/Sick Visits

We can do Nebulizer breathing treatments, point of care ultrasound, splinting, glue/stitches, point of care lab tests to include viral testing and urgent medications. Ages 0-23 years.  We do not treat already pregnant patients.


Well child physicals and sports physicals including vision and hearing tests as well as EKG testing if needed. Ages 0-23 years. 

Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary Function Tests measure lung function and is often recommended for certain occupations and certain conditions- Emphysema, COPD, and Asthma.  For this test we can do any age.

Infant Circumcisions

Circumcisions using a gomco method for ages 1 week to 1 month.  

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