Medical-Grade Ear Piercing

Daisy Pediatrics uses the Blomdahl piercing system as it exemplifies sterility, safety and uses techniques often seen with piercing professionals. Specifically the use of a larger bore ear ring during the initial piercing process. You do not have to be a member to set-up an ear piercing only appointment.  At our offices we only pierce ear lobes at this time.  For babies we do not do younger than 2 months of age and we recommend tetanus vaccine prior to any piercing although it is not mandatory. We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, Venmo or bank drafts (Zelle). Health insurance does not cover these costs. 


Sterile system

Made specifically for sensitive ears


Child friendly, stress-free environment

Performed by a board-certified pediatrician

The Blomdahl Difference

The Blomdahl piercing gun is considered a medical device and has cleared rigorous standards for use both in the US and over seas. All earrings are made from medical grade plastic or titanium. So, they are perfect for decreasing skin allergies/sensitivities. After 6 weeks the initial piercing earrings should be removed. We carry a limited amount of next step earrings on site or you can order your own at We can order for you as well often at the same price point and sometimes cheaper. Just let us know at your appointment.