Small Business Saturday 

Here at Daisy Pediatrics we are a small clinic hoping to change the way America does healthcare. Join us for 20% off select services and $50 discount off our telehealth device the Nonagon. These are purchased in the form of an electronic gift card. To save our small business money use the QR codes for purchase. Thanks!!


Gift cards

All gift cards for membership include essentially unlimited in-person, telehealth, after hours and well child visits. 

In-home lactation consults, prenatal visit (x1), hospital discharge follow-up, 2week, 4 week, & 2 month visits. Additional charge for vaccines may occur depending on insurance.

4th Trimester Package- Discounted

$ 1120

$ 1400

Nonagon device used for our telehealth service.

Nonagon Device

$ 180

$ 230

6 month membership for 0-5 years old, discounted

6 month membership 0-5 yrs discount

$ 480

$ 600

6 month membership 5-23yrs discounted

6 month membership 5-23 yrs discounted

$ 384

$ 480

Blomdahl Ear Piercing discounted

Ear Piercing

$ 80

$ 100

Unlisted Gift Cards

Do you want to determine how much to gift? Then this is the option for you.  Please remember that for one time visits the usual cost for a physical/well visit is $250, a sick visit/urgent care visit is $150, and ear piercings are usually $100.  Please make sure to specify the amount you want and the name and email of the recipient.  

Looking for other ways to pay?

You can use the following QR code to Zelle directly to the provider bank.  You can also pay in person at our offices 24811 Railroad Ave Ste E Newhall, CA 91321

    Put in the specified amount 

    In comments specify service desired

    In comments specify recipients name and email.  

    Place your information if different from Zelle account used.